360° MUSIC VIDEO, 2018

co-producer, co-director, dop (2nd), editor, compositor, actor

Running Time



VR 360



The video features an innovative 360-degree format, which allows viewers to see every single angle of what’s happening in the clip and control their viewing experience. It transports you into an elaborate fantasy world featuring hazy dance parties, elegant ballerinas and an impressive mansion set to the psychedelic track



„I look at art all day every day in one form or another. I can't help it. I see some good art, some great art, some shitty art and then I see an overwhelming sense of self-importance. I see ego. When I watched this video, for the first time since I was a little boy, I was take some place outside of myself. Outside of my reality. This video took me out of the world Iknew and put me in the middle of your fantasy and it became my own. I can't believe it. I'm blown away... I'll never forget the way that video made me feel.“

- Dane Mentzer, Artist



With a squad of over 45 people we entered that castle in the beautiful landscape of vienna to create this magical piece of art. With a whole cast of incredibly talented aesthetic dancers (vienna state oprea ensemble), so many professional musicians, the freshest filmcrew you can imagine (spicevr), the craziest drone pilots, our chef-cook markus and the hilarious guys of noyse vr it was just a blast on set. We shot 3 days in the castle, 1 day in the historic State Opera of Vienna and 1 day at the East Hotel in Hamburg. The top model Katharina Mazepa, accompanied by the brilliant Brielle Gearson and wonderful singer Kinnie Lane, lead us through the different scenarious of the story. Choreography, costumes and make-up by the georgeous Julia Katharina & Miriam Lechlech


Director Rico Chibac and the Band, especially leadsinger Joshua Royseand bassist Taylor Hatty, share a deep bound and friendship. Inspired by eachother`s visionary work and striving for avant-garde creations, they stillcollaborate in several projects around the world.