producer, writer, director, editor, compositor, actor

Running Time

12 min


VR 360


English with OVU

OVERSTAY is an art house movie dealing with our understanding of realism. It’s a compression of a young spirit’s journey in search of meaning, presented in a mocumentary made in Asia and Europe. This work is strictly dedicated to immersion, empathy and the objective of making it feel real to everyone. OVERSTAY presents us with a complete New [R]age Found Footage Cinema Experience.

Look through my eyes from rise to fall...

The expression “overstay” itself stands for the penalty one has to pay in case of remaining in a certain country longer than the visa permits.

"This I call a fuckin' MASTERPIECE..."

- Christopher Lawrenz, DJ (Aloa Music)

"It's like ENTER THE VOID just that you're participating..."

- David Aufdembrinke, Director (Beginner - Ahnmal)

"It's the DIGITAL SHOT..."

- Michael Brynntnrup, Video Artist (Jesus - The Movie)


OVERSTAY is one of the first 360° POV arthouse movies in the world. Especially its intimate and unique narrative style made it a milestone production for understanding the power of immersive video. To achieve this extraordinary intimacy, author and director Rico Chibac constructed a superlight hat-mount with 4 manipulated GoPros attached to it. He broke out the original lenses and installed fisheye lenses from Taiwan.

With this self-made construction he was able to capture close and emotional 360° video images like no one had ever seen before.

"Overstay drags you deep into the rabbit hole
of ups and downs, desires and fears, life and death."

- riosch