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A freak in a world full of freaks is no longer a freak, but the new normality. "Groundlift to Heaven" represents a generation who were raised by Larry Clark's "Kids." A generation that barely still possesses moral values in the classical sense, as she was able to free herself early on from the chains imposed as a child. A generation that lives to live. A generation that shapes the world around her the way she likes it. A community that was so spoiled at such an early age that, in search of the excitement and the forbidden, the adventure has become the new normal. The cliché of those days is the reality of today. The danger is always great that not only life becomes excess, but excess becomes life! When you already have everything you want, but it seems to be too little, it is difficult to be satisfied with even less. Higher, faster, further - but no matter what you do the "I am never satisfied man" in your head, is never satisfied.

I show how it is, because it is - the danger, but also the attraction. "Groundlift to Heaven" is my confrontation with the id, ego and superego. It takes the viewer on a journey into a parallel universe which may seem bizarre and grotesque at first sight, but in its essence couldn't be more real. A metaphoric trip into the world of a lost gen with all its joys, charms, temptations, destinies and dangers: The definition of motivation, consequence and reality: groundlift to heaven

Pre-movie for german cinema screenings of Francis Ford Coppolas „Twixt“

"But in the end when it turned into this real psycho-shit, that was so Aphex Twin, Chris Cunningham alike, i really love that kind of stuff you know!? I always liked the uncompromising attitude of Chris Cunningham, with the uncompromising music of Aphex Twin, that it is just so close to the limit of what is bearable. I just love that shit! Because I think then you also skip what you can say with words, you know!? At that point, i just really felt it!"

- TUA (Die Orsons), Producer Rapper Singer, about "Groundlift to heaven"